Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I thought of some things!

There are things I'll miss. There really are!

Cheap tickets. International ballet companies in town? $10 tickets. International tennis tournaments? $200 for 6 sets of tickets for the entire week... second row. Movies? Under $3.00, any show any time.

The weather from Oct/Nov-Jan/Feb. December and January especially. I can describe the weather as "delightful." There's little in Chennai that's delightful... it's frustrating, thought-provoking, confusing, heart-breaking, exhausting, infuriating, humbling, but not delightful.

Assigned seating for everything, especially movies. No jostling, no arriving an hour early. And on-line food orders delivered to your seat. Oh yeah.

Hopefully I can think of some other things before our time here runs out.

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