Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces, This and That

What a day.

*We've put our car up for sale, with the understanding that it must be sold to another Diplomat (bringing in our car we're exempt from taxes... and so must be the person who buys it), and not until June. It's been advertised in our Consulate newsletter and at the school, and I asked the CLO to forward the ad to the other missions in India as well.
We've had 2 nibbles! The first came yesterday, someone with the U.N. wanted to come out in the afternoon to take a look at the car. Nearly 30 minutes past the meeting time, he called and was apparently quite lost. His child attends the American School so Ian tried over and over to give him landmarks, but he didn't know the Park Sheraton or the Boat Club area. It took our driver talking to his driver to realize he was trying to find us... from Delhi. That would have been a very long, roughly 30-40 hours, drive.
Today another person called. From Delhi. Yet she still seemed interested. And the first guy called back, apologized for the confusion and also still seemed interested. Of course now the question is, how to overcome the 1000 miles between Chennai and Delhi?? Well, there are options, like having a driver up there fly/train down then drive the car back. Or have our driver take it up, then fly him back. Or everyone's preference, a professional shipping company putting it on a truck and getting it up there themselves. Apparently this is actually an affordable option, tomorrow Ian will talk to shipping and get an estimate. Cool.
*Madras Kids tickets are on sale. Rs125/ticket, at the school and at the Consulate.
*Tonight was Bunco night. I came out a winner, woohoo! We have a regular group of ladies that get together about once a month, and it's a fun social night.
* But for a minute I reconsidered going. See, I still have my Valentine's roses and the cats are still fascinated by them. I keep them on the top shelf of my computer table and periodically a cat will hop up there to check them out. Tandoori is our biggest cat, and the one scared of everything. He freaks out at the smallest things. When I went to pick him off the shelf he shifted away and I caught him under a place he didn't like, I think it was in his armpit, and along with his yowl he let loose the claws on all four paws. A back foot met my face. It's true what they say, face/head injuries do bleed quite a bit. I'm thankful though that that though the scratch is more than an inch long and bled steadily, it's not a wide gash and I didn't get stitches. No, I didn't have a doctor tell me I didn't need stitches, once the blood stopped flowing I had Ian slap on some New Skin liquid bandage and got on to Bunco. My injury provided some entertainment to the ladies at Bunco, so I guess it doesn't look that bad. Maybe I'll get a photo tomorrow.

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