Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two more weeks.

I know how this goes, I've been here before. As time wears down at Post, everything ramps up. I won't bore you with all the details of Madras Kids. It's amazing how much Gwen did as Director, and how much we have to figure out now that she's in the States getting ready for her entrance into the Foreign Service. I'll be happy when it's all over. I mean, it's enjoyable and fun and it's going to be a good show, but with this on top of Katherine's basketball schedule I'm feeling a little stretched.

At least the yard sale is done. We got rid of a good number of items but still brought some stuff back. I do wish there had been a couple of trucks ready at the end of the sale to immediately cart off the unwanted/unsold items to an orphanage or elderly home, but no such luck. So here it sits back in the living room. The highly sought items were Rebecca's two baskets of toys, largely Barbie items she willingly gave up. She earned 50% of the sales for the day because of that and her ability to man a table and let mom wander and "shop." I didn't buy much, though I did buy one item that completely wiped out our sales earnings and then some... but I won't say more about that right now.

OK... on to the day. We have someone here looking at the car and the kids are off to the CGR to ride scooters. Suppose I should get dressed.

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