Thursday, February 26, 2009


Say it is so!! I really think it is!

And it's going to be a crazy 100 days. This week has been N-U-T-S. Madras Kids is flying up (thousands of small things).... there's a yard sale tomorrow at the Consulate and we're selling (I go a little nuts with planning a yard sale)... Katherine had a basketball game after school today (a friendly with a local team)... there are shoes to buy (trust me, it's an ordeal), a vet coming by on Saturday (been rescheduled 3 times this week)... yesterday Katherine auditioned for the Cabaret (will find out tomorrow if she made it, cross your fingers) and had her first babysitting adventure for 2 little Consulate kids. Rebecca will be joining a summer swim program in the States, so she's back into swim training after school. Nicholas still does his after school programs of Acting Out and cooking, Jonathon is in Karate twice a week. Rebecca and I are still in tennis each week and have started playing just for fun whenever we can squeeze in the time. And I'm still working part-time, but only through the end of March. I get to spend the next month finishing up my projects, cleaning up my notes for the next person to do my jobs, and that will be that.

And coming up we have so many things. Next weekend is Katherine's basketball tournament where there are games all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Never mind we don't have a driver next weekend for 5 days (he's off to a wedding) and that really throws a wrench into everything as there's still Madras Kids (final rehearsal.... eek), a birthday to go to and poker to play as well. Immediately following the tourney weekend and the end of bball, Katherine jumps right into Track & Field which has already started. Training is before school... again. Ugh, just once I'd like an afternoon program!

We're getting ready to buy a house and a car in April. We all know the steps involved with those little tasks. Thankfully Ian is doing just about all the leg work.

I'm just tired. I don't think I can stay up to watch the end of AI tonight. Oh well.

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