Saturday, April 25, 2009

Virginia times

Ian and I are in the States to buy a house, the kids are in Chennai skipping school. Something about Tamil Tigers and bahnds closed school on Thursday and Friday was already a day off. I wouldn't really know what's going on over there because my children have not yet sent us any e-mail. I'm a tad annoyed at my offspring.

We set out to see houses on Wednesday morning. It's now Friday evening and we've picked one. We have a contract.

I don't like the pink carpeting either. The house will do for the next few years.

Around house hunting we have eaten at Olive Garden, Arby's and Fuddruckers. It's pretty much all we've had time for, catching lunches out between seeing houses, talking about houses, talking about house finances, looking at house papers. See a trend? The inspection is on Tuesday. Cross your fingers.

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