Friday, April 3, 2009

Spriiiiiing Breaaaaaak!

I <3 Spring Break.

Last Friday was my last day of work, and this week I'm home with all the kids. Next week too. I'm "working" more at home than I ever did at the office, which is pretty typical IMO.

The girls went to the dentist for cleanings on Monday, Katherine is scheduled to get her chipped tooth repaired next Monday. The boys went to the dentist for cleanings on Tuesday, Nicholas has decided it would be OK to get his front tooth adjusted, provided the cure is invisible to anyone who looks at him. I'll bring him with me on Monday for Katherine's appointment so the ped dentist can give him the rundown. The only thing, well.. there are a couple of things... is that he doesn't have all his adult teeth yet because his mouth hasn't stopped growing, and the process takes a few months of which we don't have. Decisions decisions. We could finish it at home, but who knows how much that would run us. His front tooth is pretty crooked though. And Jonathon needs one more cleaning in May, because he's terrible about brushing his teeth and his mouth is very crowded. Ah, the dentist.

This week we've gone to Citi Centre for Subway and to let the kids run around FunCity. Today I took them out to Cream Centre for a veg lunch. They have great sizzling brownie sundaes.
We've been swimming every day, even me. I'm trying to get in some laps each time and feeling better for it. I bought an awesome Speedo last year and finally broke it in. It covers my entire back and zippers! This one, actually, the Waterpolo Flipturns. No, I don't play water polo, but it's everything I want... a one-piece that covers my back. Do you know how hard it is to find one?
Rebecca has been working on her dives and starts. A friend here has some awesome goggles that she can actually dive in, I'm looking to purchase her a pair for the summer. The boys are getting better with their swimming too, a little less splashing going on.
So far though, the best part of spring break was last Saturday when we went to the beach and watched Olive-Ridley turtles hatch. You can see photos of the hatchlings on our Flickr page. It's something we'd never be allowed to do in the States without strict guidelines and perhaps a two adult per child rule. But this is India and I think at worst one little turtle was severely traumatized. I have to admit that when you pile a bunch of gray turtles in a basket, or watch 100 little turtles scuttle across the sand, they look kind of creepy. Like giant headed spider things. But in order to be proper, I'll proclaim an individual hatchling as cute. Kind of.
Next week we're off to Fisherman's Cove for a little R&R. Let's hope Ian is functional by then. He's spent 2 days this week practically comatose and that's no fun at the beach.

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