Friday, July 3, 2009

It's 1:20 a.m. and I'm the one awake?? Yes, yes I am.

Though I love my husband dearly there is one thing in particular I did not miss when he was gone, and in fact I'm having a very hard time adjusting back to having it in my life Which would be why after about 2 hours asleep I'm now downstairs and wide awake. And pondering the mysteries of the heat pump.

I've never experienced a heat pup before and I'm both confused and worried about it. Is it normaI for the fan to not turn off? That seems like a huge waste of electricity especially on cool days like today was. Did I break it somehow when I moved the thermostat a degree upwards last week to 76? Does it work subtly (and constantly) rather than freezing a house into submission? All I can think is that something isn't quite right as it's cool outside and the thermostat reads 75 but it's still too warm in the house. This is what's keeping me up right now.

That and the fact my husband snores so loudly it woke me up and then steadily grew, even after I kicked him, until I moved to the couch. I don't have jetlag but I'm the one awake. Not cool.

Oh well. Anyone have suggestions/thoughts? I'll take them on both the heat pump and the snoring.
Our bleeding credit cards were slowly starting to recover, then Ian came home. Yay! He made it with kitties in tow! It took Tandoori about 24 hours to accept that this is the end of the torture ride, the poor thing was resigned in his carrier and wouldn't even look at us. It took Masala about 3 seconds to pop out of the carrier, only to continue complaining loudly and continuously about the horrors of international travel. I think he forgot now to NOT meow because in the house he made his voice heard for hours. They're here, they're alive, that's what we care about and they remain devoted lap cats.
Ian's arrival meant we could start plunging into all the things I hadn't yet gotten around to. Garbage pickup for one thing. I simply hadn't arranged it, figuring the garage couldn't really burst with just one more box shoved into it. It's not kitchen trash piling (that would require foodstuffs and cooking... foodstuffs I got on Monday, cooking should commence in the near future), it's moving boxes and painting materials. Ian squared that away. Today we went shopping. Again. A fan for the boys' room (see: complaints about heat pump), a toaster, a mattress (see complaints: about snoring, maybe it'll help? Has to be better than a 10 year old full sized futon mattress on the floor, right?) for our arriving-at-some-point-in-the-future-from-India platform bed, and a TV, That is all you shall hear about the TV.
Swimming was canceled due to a broken pool pump, something we only learned once we waited at the pool at 6 p.m., and since I doubt the pump will be fixed between 7 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. Friday I doubt we'll have swimming in the morning either.
Everything is coming together. It's been a long month and I'm tired now (see: snoring, previous mentions of illness and busy days). If I can get over the fact that the heat pump won't stop bowing, maybe the couch will be a comfortable place to sleep.

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