Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mixed Results

I'll write more about the Divisionals swim meet when we're back at home, but for a quick overview: Rebecca broke her 40s 50m freestyle mark (yay!), Jonathon won third for his 25m butterfly as one of the few kids who actually made it across the pool legally (yay!), Katherine was DQed out of her 50m breastroke which broke all our hearts as she did two strokes under water before coming up because she had 4th place (boo!), Nicholas was lazy and actually added time to all his swims (boo!), Katherine's relay team came in 3rd out of 6 (yay!), and there were other ups and downs too, but there you go. We did have any Frogs of the Year or coaches awards, so there's plenty to work towards next year. As for going year round, we're going to let it go for now, and see where we are in a few months. We may go for it if they don't find other activities they want to do in the meantime, of if they miss it too much. Until then, we'll just enjoy our summer camps next month, start school, and get into a normal routine of work/school/house cleaning. It'll be good.

This week we're at Beach Babies house in Sandbridge. If you go to Sandbridgerealty.com for Beach Babies you can see the house.
What you can't see is the peeling paint all over the outside and underside of the house, which makes it truly ugly compared to the neighbors. The non-working outdoor shower. The lack of space to sit outside because the seating is all old wooden furniture that's pretty nasty. The plethora of HUGE spiders all over the outside (the first time my mom walked down the outside stairs to the beach she went with a broom in hand to clear the webs), and the cobwebs all over the inner corners inside. The broken towel bars, the broken shower knobs. No coffeepot. Dead bugs and old food stuck to various pieces of furniture. Light switches that don't work. Torn screens, rusted fixtures, one grill that's never been cleaned and another that looks like it's about to fall apart.
More later. Thank goodness the great room is pretty good as that's where we do spend our indoor time, but really, for the price, these sorts of things should not happen.

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