Thursday, July 23, 2009

Questions for the experts

Our cats have gone nuts and what to do about swim team.

Our cats are 2 1/2 years old. We brought Tandoori and Masala with us from Chennai. Both male, both neutered, siblings, have gotten along since day one. Tandoori has always been skittish with anything new, loud, different. Masala is into everything, keeps escaping from the house, eventually warms up to everyone. A couple days ago,Tandoori flipped out at Masala: hissing, growling, the works. Eventually nails, teeth, fur and spit go flying. Masala usually is just passing by or checking things out and is always the one to walk away at the end, and he's gotten a few scratches too, so though he's clearly the dominant cat in character, he's also not the one instigating the confrontations. Tandoori feels threatened, that's obvious. The "experts" have all sorts of ideas from battling over resources to new surroundings to misdirected aggression. We've doubled the food and water dishes and added a second litter box, but the relationship has not improved. Each cat still curls up with us and wants petting. Periodically we segregate them to allow some peace, locking one in the basement while the other hangs out with the family. But how long can this go on? And will it stop?
The swimming issue is still just that. I feel strongly that the girls should continue with swimming through the school year. Actually, I'm not the only one, their coach would like them as well (that's her job, I know). There's the registration ($125/kid), the yearly cost ($1000/kid), plus additional training tools (hundred dollars/kid?). And then the time involved, 3-4 days a week for the next 7 months plus meets, some of which involve travel. So what are the pros? They enjoy it and have made friends who will be on the team, they'd improve and have regular exercise, they'd have something they could bring to our next post and be really good at. I do understand Ian's POV. Give the girls the year to adjust to school here and let them explore other activities we didn't have access to overseas. I do get it, and I do agree. But... Ack. They have such potential. Did I just use the word potential? I'd hate for all their progress from the past 8 weeks to be entirely lost with the absence of swimming til next summer.
So what say you, knowledgeable folks of cats and swimming. What are our next moves?

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