Thursday, May 13, 2010

From the cute to the not-so-cute

Have I ever mentioned the Zip-It? It's a drain cleaner, like a snake, comes in packs of twos so I gave one to my mom way back. It has toothy ridges and is flat to slip into any drain, and yields the most disgusting things (after a clogged toilet of course). Jonathon took a bath this evening and mentioned the tub was draining slow. It wasn't just slow, it didn't make a noise at all as the water barely dripped down. Out came the Zip-It, and from the drain.... wow, be glad I didn't take a photo of that nonsense.

In other news, this evening was the fourth grade Virginia history program at school. Nicholas had a part to read and for those who know him this was big. He not only read clearly and loud enough about Harriet Tubman, he sang for the various songs. He sang the songs with his mouth open and facing out, not at the floor. Like I said, this was big and he's proud of himself.

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