Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drive-by Mash-Up

Happy rainy Tuesday. My plants are loving this and I really need to get the rest of the seedlings transplanted and the rest of the seeds into seed pots. I plan for my Saturday to be gardening Saturday, unless it's still pouring of course. The beans were planted a couple weeks ago and are doing great. Carrots are a pain to transplant, next year they're going in the ground first rather than later.

I've finished one of my on-line classes and looks like I got a 94%. I should have, it was a GEO 121 class so if I couldn't pull that off... yeesh. Still waiting to take my final exam in my other class. Then it's off to take the Praxis.

Tonight... "Lost".... Aaaaagh!

And finally, Happy Anniversary to us! It's been 14 years since Ian decided he really would put up with me forever and always. And thank goodness he said he would, I can honestly say that he has made me a better person and I love him for it. I'm a lucky girl.

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