Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello June 1st, Hello summer.

Our lake beach opened this weekend and tonight is the first practice session for summer swim team. The kids are still in school and it's not technically summer yet by the calendar, but I say, and the outside temperatures say, "Close enough." Bring on summer!

We spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon at our neighborhood beach, the kids met up with friends and froze in the water, expended loads of winter-stored energy. Ian and I sat on the hill and enjoyed the breeze. That's how I like to spend my afternoon, I so missed the sound of water and the warmth of summer. Ah.

The end of the school year is a bit of a difficult one this year. Katherine was sick for nearly a week last week, missing several Standards of Learning standardized tests (SOLs for short... way to boost the kids, Virginia!). She had what we assume was Strep though the quick test came back negative. A 104F (40C) fever for two days (down to 103F when we made it to the doctor) and the thick layer of pus on her tonsils dropped her into the Amoxicillin zone anyway. Two days later she was almost back up to speed. Her temperature dropped and she bounced on my bed asking to go to school. No one else got sick, and from what I understand both Strep and Mono are pretty contagious so who knows what random bacterial infection it really was. Funny though, when the nurse asked what her temperature had been the days before, I told her 104F which is the only time I start to actually do anything when my kids have a fever. Before that I tell them to drink and rest but pretty much let them do what they want as long as they aren't throwing up everywhere. When it hits 104F I take regular temps, dose with Motrin, and actually pay attention to their complaints. Bad mom? The nurse seemed a little horrified that she'd gotten that hot, but looking at the big picture and knowing my kids, I know when they get sick they get really sick and the high temp comes with it. It doesn't phase me anymore. Not after you've had a kid convert on her TB test, another get amoebiasis, another suffer Dengue. Just watch, it'll probably be some common U.S. bug that finally does one of us in.
But let's discuss happier things.
May was a great month (aside from Miss K's illness). My dad turned 60: Happy Birthday, Papa! We celebrated our 14th Anniversary: Love you, Ian! Jonathon had his First Communion: Congratulations kiddo! My mom took me on a day trip to Atlantic City: Awesome! Thanks, mom! My parents took the kids for an overnight: Thanks, you're awesome grandparents! I finished my two classes: Woohoo! The beach opened: Hello summer!
June is going to have a hard time beating May. I mean, even yard sales kick into gear in May. And the farmer's market really gets going in May too. May rocks.
My mom and I haven't had a trip together since February 2006 when she met me in London for my medevac. Just the two of us for 10 days in London, what's not to love? Aside from the surgery part it was a ton of fun. So when she said there was a trip planned to A.C. and did I want to go, well, of course I was going to go. Leave the kids with dad... get two nights sleep in my old quiet home (and wow is it quiet when it's just me and my parents. Was it always that quiet when I was a kid?).. and spend a day with mom walking the boardwalk, window shopping and eating junk food? I'm totally there.
By the new shopping zone... Ice cream on the beach in front of the Taj Mahal
NO way!!
The Taj Mahal takes its theme pretty seriously I guess. There's so little in the way of entertainment at the A.C. casinos that it totally cracked me up that one of the draws is A.R. Rahman (the guy who wrote the music for "Slumdog Millionaire"). I know there are tons of Indians in New Jersey, saw plenty all day, but still, it's a small world.
AR Rahman at the Consulate.
The dude in the vest, sitting just off to the right of middle... that's him at the Chennai Consulate a year ago. He's a big deal in India.
Unfortunately I came down with a near-migraine on the bus ride home. Near because I was somewhat functional, but still threw up and the Motrin hardly touched the pain. Ah well, I should know that bus rides and I don't get along, much like boats and I. And roller coasters and I. And swings and I. And smooth riding vehicles and I. Hmm, think I have ear trouble?
It was still a fun trip with mom, ice cream and funnel cake, shopping and losing $10 in slots. What's next, Mom?
Immediately following was Ian and my 14th Anniversary. This year: quiet day at home, nice lunch out at Daks Grill, some errands, activities of an old married couple. Saturday night my parents took the kids and we stayed at the Key Bridge Marriott and enjoyed a stroll along M Street. Proving our old-fogeyhood, dinner was pizza and beer at Pizzeria Paradiso. Not any old pizza and beer though, wood-fired whole wheat Atomica pizza with a St Louis Framboise Lambic beer. Ian had a sour Kriek beer and a whole wheat, um, Bosco pizza I believe. It was yummy. Yummy yummy. And we followed up our yummy pizza and beer with cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes. Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake at $2.75 a pop. They are rich and dense and practically a meal unto themselves, and there is a line. There is always a line. I recommend the coconut.
Next year, Las Vegas. Maybe. What recommendations do you have for a 15th Wedding Anniversary?

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