Saturday, June 19, 2010

What happens when....

The back end of a Sienna in a 3/4 boxed parking spot, backs up slowly out of said space, and notices that the F150 that had already passed behind is now moving backwards into the space currently occupied by the Sienna back end, and flipping gears and jamming the gas to avoid getting hit in the back will only slam the Sienna into the parked car in front because there's roughly 4-5 feet of wiggle room? Well in those roughly 2.75 seconds of decision-making time, laying on the horn while watching the F150 back up doesn't help much, that much we learned.

Back end Sienna meets back end F150
It could have been a lot worse. No damage to the tail light, the side door still slides open fine and none of our 5 passengers were hurt at all. But man, the day was going so well, why did it have to approach its end like this?
Oh well.
And then I checked the girls' grades on-line to see if their final grades were up. Fourth quarter grades weren't all in for Katherine, so perhaps that's why report cards didn't come home Friday? All I do know is that one messed up quiz in Science seems to have thrown off Rebecca's perfect grades, and Katherine... well... Katherine's grades were a roller-coaster all year. She'd improve in one only to have another drop. Suffice to say that final grades seem to be 3 As and 4 Bs. We are definitely not complaining.
We made it through the first swim meet this morning, versus roughly a billion Ashland swimmers. The Frogs were crushed in the point tally. But... our Hopper family swimmers did fine. In general we saw improvements with several of our strokes just a second or less off a B time (you can check out what that means on the Prince William Swim League by-laws, starting on page 14). Nicholas even came in 4th overall in the 9-10 boys backstroke. He was very proud. Both boys still got disqualified for breaststroke, that's simply going to take more practice, and Jonathon surprisingly didn't get disqualified for his butterfly even though his shoulders didn't always make it out of the water. There was much discussion by the stroke&turn officials over Katherine's turn on backstroke and eventually they gave her the OK, but it was pretty much a mess as she came up more on her tummy/side than on her back. She knew it though. It's easier to fix if the swimmer knows where they messed up. Ian and I took a turn as timers for the third shift. I only messed up twice, once missing a start, once missing a stop. Not too shabby for my first time though still embarrassing. My mom came to the meet so she cheered the kids on and corralled them for their next entry when Ian and I were busy. All in all, a fun, hot, tiring morning. Sleep evaded me last night as I kept a running list of things to remember for the morning After only 3 1/2 hours of broken sleep I beat my 5:30 alarm and woke everyone up, packed the cooler, grabbed last minutes items and filled up the car. The meet was being held practically next door to our neighborhood, so very easy to get there for 6:15 check-in.
I'm wiped and ready for bed at 7:15p.m. but I think we successfully avoided sunburns except for Ian who still insists it's my job to sunscreen(v) him. The back of the neck I sprayed... no burn. The front along his shirt collar... burn.

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