Monday, June 21, 2010

So the other day...

When the boys had their guitar recital, Jonathon insisted on having his photo taken with Mrs. Greenwood, another 3rd grade teacher. The teacher said she wanted a copy so I promised I would e-mail. When I finally got around to it a couple days ago this is the reply we got:

"Thank you so ...oooo much! Jonathan has been asking me every day whether I have received the photo from you. He really is such a special child. And I've been truly privileged to have known him this year. I first got to know him when I had to take care of Mrs. Blevin's class one day when she had a family emergency. Jonathan and I talked a lot about India that day. He walked out with me every day during the release time, and through the year, we became very special friends! Please have him read this note, and let him know what I think of him. Can't wait to see all the great things he will do in the future. I surely would like to remain in his circle of friendship. Have a fantastic summer, Jonathan! I'll see you in September...although, I'll be very more Jonathan next door..."

He might be a handful, he might have the worst penmanship and spelling around, he might be both distracted and singularly focussed at the same time (and no, he's not ADD or ADHD), but through all this his personality still sparkles and there are those who love him for it. Yeah, that includes me.

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