Monday, June 14, 2010

Music in the Air

The end of the school year brings about all the end of class performances.

6/1/10: Rebecca started off by introducing the 6th grade chorus. They performed pieces as varied as a Thai song to "The Rainbow Connection" complete with class designed ads and jingles between sets.
6/1/10 - Rebecca opens up the final 6th grade choral concert 6/1/10 - Mr. Lewis with the chorus
6/9/10: The following week was Katherine's 8th grade band concert. The director is having health issues, so the 6th grade band joined the 7th and 8th grade bands, and we were treated to the whole scale of ability. Did I remember to charge up the video camera beforehand? No.
6/9/10 - Katherine is second chair flute 6/9/10 - Katherine plays in the 8th grade final band concert
6/10/10: The next day was the boys' turn to play in front of an audience. Nicholas hopped on the chair, played, and took off back to his seat. Jonathon grabbed the mic to introduce himself then played the longest piece in the booklet, where the last 2 lines were, um, not well practiced. Didn't bother him one bit.
6/10/10 - Jonathon played "Skip to My Lou" 6/10/10 - Nicholas played "Yankee Doodle"
Each evening was a treat. I know many kid performances can be painful, but (having nothing to do with my own kids' participation) I really enjoyed each of these nights.

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