Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caps Practice

Ian took this week of as part of his effort to Use rather than Lose his leave. He has two more weeks of time off in the next couple months too, so I'm enjoying having him home in a quiet house.

Mostly we've been doing errands or bumming around the house. Today we went to the Kettler Ice Rink at Ballston Mall to watch the Washington Capitals practice.
10/20/10: Goal practice 10/20/10: Ovechkin as puck collector
10/20/10: Is that Mike Green? 10/20/10: Backstrom waits for his turn
10/20/10: Ovechkin skates by in a drill 10/20/10: Practicing Drills
It's the closest Ian will ever get to the players. He was so giddy he wore his Caps jersey and Caps cap and had hopes of getting some signatures. The players were not accommodating though. They were probably still cranky about last night's loss to the Bruins.

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