Saturday, October 16, 2010

Half way through October

At the end of last month I took a look at our family calendar and thought, "How will I make it through October?" In the past 2 weeks it's even gotten busier.

Last night we attended the final high school home football game. The Gar-Field Indians won their homecoming game 28-0. So far they've lost two games this season and I have no idea what that entails for post-season games or if the marching band will be involved. All I know is last night the temperature was hovering around 55F with a very brisk and chilly wind blowing. We'd brought our Potomac Nationals squishy seats to keep the cold and hard bleachers off our back ends yet we huddled in a pile as we'd neglected to bring hot coffee, parkas or thermal blankets.
We skipped the first quarter which ended at 0-0 anyway. I made my way over to the band to say to Katherine and I was honestly surprised by how her face lit up when she saw me. You know how teens can be when they're with their friends. After "You came!" was the question "Did anyone else come?" Not a cheap outing at $5/ticket though it's cheaper than a movie and we get to support our kid. Even better, after the half-time show she came up to our seats, something she's never done before, to ask what we thought of their added steps and flair. This weekend there was no competition but if they all nail their new routine steps by next week it does make for a much more enjoyable show. Not just a lot of walking around, but responses to the music they play. Very enjoyable.
This morning we got off to a slow start which was fine by all. By noon we'd played some Zelda and GrandSlam on the Wii and were ready to get out of the house and enjoy some gorgeous weather. Becca suggested real tennis, so to the near courts we went and had a great time. For about an hour we played 2 on 3, 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 1 on 3. Rebecca did great from the baseline, it was nice to see her begin to remember some from her lessons two years ago. I wish she'd redevelop a love for the sport.
We made a stop at Borders followed by a very late lunch/very early dinner at Chik-Fil-A. Ian gravitated to the travel and language books at Borders. Perhaps not the wisest of moves as he's now wondering how anyone can learn Arabic. (No, that's not telling about our next post other than, yes, there is an Arabic designated post on our bid list). Katherine plopped down with a Fruits Basket manga book. Rebecca found a District 13 poster she wants for her birthday and the boys wandered around. I sighed a sad sigh for all the books we cannot buy thanks to weight restrictions and the Kindle. They sure are pretty.
Back home again for some yard work. Rebecca tried out the boys' bike, Jonathon made some headway on the skateboard, Nicholas and I raked and bagged leaves. Our trees have barely begun to shed but if we go out once or twice a weekend from here on out it should be manageable. We have some nasty weedy grass trying to take over our lawn and I'm wondering what the proper course of action is to stop it in its tracks aside from extreme and expensive sod action. I would be willing to incur bare patches and then attack them in the spring with fertilizer and new seed. I'm wondering if elbow grease and hours on my knees pulling it up would work? We filled up one lawn bag of leaves, I mowed the same patch we raked (I think we're just about at the end of mowing season) and called it a day. Tomorrow we'll go out and fill one or two more bags.
The rest of the afternoon was very low key. Rebecca caught up on "Top Chef: Desserts" and later Ian and I will try to watch "Chuck" and "Glee." We finished season 2 of "Fringe" on DVD last night... wow. Looking forward to seeing the current season.
Guess what tonight is?
Katherine's friend, Josh, showed up around 7:20. He needed a ride to Homecoming. At 7:45 Katherine's "date" showed up to pick her up. Either he forgot to mention it to her, or she forgot he mentioned it to her. Either way, she went in our car with Josh while Pablo met her at school... and Josh's mom will bring Katherine back home.
10/16/10: Homecoming 10/16/10: Homecoming 10/16/10: Homecoming
The first is with Pablo, a fellow Frog from summer swim and now freshman classmate at Gar-Field. The next two are with Josh. The first he was standing as tall as he could while Katherine tried to shrink. Becca's keeping her from tipping over. The third is them as Jersey Shore people. I've never seen Jersey Shore, I don't think have either, but whatever. And of course... one with her little sis. Katherine wanted to take Becca to the dance, but regulations prohibit middle schoolers from attending. No doubt it's to protect the middle schoolers.
10/16/10: Homecoming
We hope she has a wonderful time. (Now that she's at the dance... because she called not 5 minutes after Ian got home to say she'd forgotten her school ID... and when we delivered it to her she said she'd learned just her ID number was fine... It's not a Katherine event if it's not convoluted in some way!)

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