Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October is flying by.

What a wonderful month October has been. Now if we only had some jack-o-lanters.

(Side Note: Why are my photos sideways? Technology and I don't get along, even on straightforward blog tools.)

IMG_9636.JPG Nicholas is still enjoying cello. Last week they began assignments and practice sheets. This week they might start on bowing, I'm not sure, but for now he's pluck-pluck-plucking his way through the strings. He has practice Thursdays and Fridays so brings the cello to school Thursday morning and returns it home on Friday afternoon. So far it's all good and he's building some muscle carrying it to and from school (I wonder how the kid(s) who plays bass manages). Next year he'll do cello in 6th grade orchestra if we're still here. If we're not here, I hope the school we get overseas has a middle school strings program. Cross your fingers for us. Virtual handshakes start going out November 8th... less than two weeks from now. Can you tell I'm getting a little nervous? If it's either of our Top Two we'll be completely giddy, and if it's any from the rest of our list we'll be quite content.
We haven't done much in the way of family nights for a long while. Last week when Katherine suggested Rock Band, we jumped to it. Take a look at the photo and tell me what's shocking** about it (besides, perhaps, Katherine's leopard print PJs). Those who know our family well will see it right off. IMG_9638.JPG Crazy huh? I gave the drums a whirl and have clearly lost the minuscule ability to keep a rhythm I attained in India even on easy. That's OK, it's better than the guitar.
This past weekend was one of those that keeps us on our toes. Katherine went to a Band Girls sleepover on Friday night. Last year the same girl hosted but there were only 6 girls. This year, a total of 10 crammed into their home. They attended the powder puff game at Gar-Field, crashed for a few hours, had a wholesome donut and bagel breakfast before returning to the school to get to a marching band competition. They performed and returned home around 10 p.m. In the meantime, Saturday morning I took the boys to the first chess tournament of the school year. Nicholas won one, drew one and lost the other two. Jonathon won one and lost the other three. Oh well, that's why they're going to chess club Friday mornings this year. During the four hours I sat there I read Rand's Anthem(1937), a novella Katherine is reading for English. It's a quick one-hour read, a dystopian future where technology has been repressed, people are raised to consider all and ignore the one, children are born without families, jobs are prescribed by the council, love and individuality are treated as evil, blah blah blah. It's similar to Huxley's Brave New World(1932), but without the depth of the storytelling. And please don't email me with how totally different they are. I already had one person on goodreads.com draw out the differences for me, but I still hold that the stories are far too similar with Anthem a stripped version of Brave New World with modifications. Argue amongst yourselves.
Anthem done, I read the free sample of World War Z, followed by the free sample of I am Number Four. Ah, the Kindle. How I do enjoy thee. I still read paper books but keep those at home. Nothing beats the Kindle for portability of lots of manuscripts either already downloaded or searchable right on the machine. With the time I spend at chess or swim or doctor offices, it's so handy.
Katherine with her friends and me with the boys, Ian and Rebecca saw "RED" at the theater. We met up with the theater-goers for lunch and mall-walking, went to a park for a bit, then moved to the Mormon church next door. Finally, the summer swim Frogs held their awards ceremony. IMG_9644.JPG Rebecca got her Divisionals shirt, the kids received their participation trophies and Divisional ribbons. Becca was brought up again for something special. The medal reads: "Coaches Award, Becca Hopper, Demonstrating Leadership, Dedication & Enthusiasm, Frogs 2010." A couple kids in each of the five age groups were given the Coaches Award. She was thrilled and we're happy she was recognized for her hard work.
Sunday was church and recovery from Saturday. The kids bagged more leaves, though Monday morning the lawn was worse than before. Katherine went to a friend's house for a bit Sunday evening. Pizza was our regular dinner.
IMG_9647.JPG Monday I volunteered at the elementary school for a half hour at the book exchange, followed by a day of trying to finish a scrap blanket. It appears I don't have enough yarn for the planned last strip. Blast. Time to improvise or do without. While Ian is with Jonathon on the 4th Grade field trip to Jamestown today I'm catching up on phone/email errands. Katherine's appointments? Check. Katherine's refills? Check. Becca's volunteer hours scheduled for the 6th? Check. Inquiries into football/basketball/swimming/etc.? Check.
Time for some lunch. Then back to that future blanket.
**Shocking? Nicholas is singing. Yes. Singing.

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