Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another week

I'm not sure why, but the days are flying by and I'm not really enjoying myself too much. Perhaps I just have too much time on my hands? That's probably it.

Monday night Ian took Nicholas to his game. The "Commodores" lost. Their top scorer didn't show and two other players fouled out so it put a lot of pressure on the rest of the kids. One girl had quit the team earlier in the season dropping their team to 8 kids, so with the other 3 out, the remaining 5 players played and played hard but couldn't make up the difference. It was a bummer of an ending to their season but I watched Nicholas develop so much and he's looking forward to next season. Jonathon still has 3 games left in his season and his coach is taking all the "Hoyas" out for ice cream.
Tuesday night Rebecca had RE class. Katherine has decided to switch to the Sunday evening PULSE program at church and I agree she will get more out of it than the dry classes. Since she's already been Confirmed it's OK, and participating in PULSE will allow her to be a teen facilitator at next year's retreat as well. That's where she was this past weekend, facilitating teens at Forest Park for 2 nights. It sounds like she had a good time.
Back to Tuesday night. I dropped her off but decided I would stay and spend some quiet time at church. Before going in I recalled that the International Space Station would be visible during it's fly-over. And it was! The bright light sped across the sky and faded quickly but not before I called Ian to send him and the kids outside to see it too. Thank goodness I looked up that night because since then the stars have been blocked by clouds. Such an amazing sight.
Tuesday was also Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, the last day before the Lenten season. We had pancakes and sausage for dinner, followed by raspberry and custard filled Panczki, FatTuesday Polish filled doughnuts.
Wednesday was a long day starting with Mass at 7 a.m. which the boys served at. The whole family went to get ashes pressed on their foreheads, then all the kids were late to school. Oops. Wednesday evening Nicholas performed in the string pyramid concert at Saunders Middle School.
3/9/11: Nicholas strings concert
Four 5th grade strings groups and the Saunders 6th grade strings performed. Quite painful to the ears, all of it, but still worth attending. Nicholas is having doubts about playing the cello but that's partially my fault, I haven't been practicing with him of late. I can make up for that though. Next year he's signed up for continuing strings at Saunders. We'll have to make a decision to rent a 3/4 cello or buy a used one. Hmm. Which reminds me, is having a sale on strings music.
Today is like so many recent days... I have 2 kids home sick. Jonathon slept 14 hours last night thanks to, well, stuff I won't mention. Today is a day of dry cereal, water and a banana. The other kid woke up feeling crappy, so home she stays. Which means just about everything is off the table as far as being productive.
Laundry. Guess I'll do laundry.

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