Monday, March 14, 2011

Did you have a good weekend?

We wrapped up the boys' basketball season on Sunday with Jonathon's last game. Both boys thoroughly enjoyed their season and improved a ton.

I don't think either will be the next Scotty Pippin, but that's not the goal is it? Jonathon's team was impressive. They were the Novice group, ages 8-9, and at the start some couldn't dribble the ball, so by the end when they managed organized pass plays, stealing the ball, effective defense, catching rebounds, it was so much fun to watch. Their coach, Bob Calder, was wonderful. No yelling, just encouragement and guidance from the sidelines. Everyone played equal time and in mixed groups. Though the coach's son was initially the most aggressive and experienced, the coach didn't favor him. He played the same amount as everyone else and was a team player, passing to his teammates. Like I said, it was fun to watch and I hope next year they both get coaches like him.
If you're in Prince William County with a kid who likes basketball, check out the Prince William Basketball Association. We're in the Eastern PWBA, but there's a division near you in each part of the county.
Feb 2011: Nicholas is open Mar 2011: Jonathon looks for a rebound. Mar 2011: Jonathon on the sidelines.
Mar 2011: Coach bought ice cream for the team after the last game.
There's also a few second video of the coach saying a some words. Check it out. (I don't know why I can't embed it here like I have before. Oh well.)
And in completely unrelated news, did you know we have bald eagles on the East Coast? I never did until a couple months back when I saw one flying over the house. We have all sorts of birds of prey, but the bald eagle is distinctive. Yesterday, after seeing another one land in a nearby tree, I finally looked it up. At the nearby Mason Neck Regional park we have eagles. Lots of eagles. Look up when you're driving down I95.

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