Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quiet weekend. Really quiet.

We have boys tonight. No girls. Katherine left last night for a two-night retreat, Rebecca is spending tonight with grandparents. The house is so quiet with just the two boys. And we get to use the big TV with no complaining. Awesome. We caught up on "V" and "The Amazing Race."

Today my mom, Rebecca and I went to the Chocolate Lovers Festival in Fairfax City. The idea is great, the execution needs some serious revamping. Spread out over the tiny Fairfax City center there are several buildings included in the Festival plans, but only two are truly central to the program, the Town Hall building with the Taste of Chocolate, and The Space, with the cakes in competition/silent auction/personalities.
3/5/11: Wedding cake entry 3/5/11: Chocolate Lover's Festival cake entry
The first charges for "pogs" ($1 each, which then makes it easier to buy a 6 "pog" candy apple and forget that actually means $6) in order to purchase chocolate treats from numerous vendors, while the second charges for entry ($1/person). The available information states the Festival is free, so if you go be wary of what that actually means. The other stops listed on the Festival guide include the library for chocolate-centered stories, a building for arts&crafts for little kids, and then some already present historical buildings that I guess just wanted some visitors.
3/5/11: Dipping treats 3/5/11: Dipped goodies
It was a fun outing if for nothing else than to hang out with my mom and daughter and munch on some sweet treats in the process.
Originally, I wasn't going to go the Festival. Nicholas had his first play-off game today (all the teams are in the playoffs) but it's up or out. I've been deemed Bad Luck at his games - on Thursday they were 8 points up when I arrived late, then it was tied, then they lost by a point in overtime. I even paced the hall thinking that would be enough, but apparently not. Ian is his good luck charm. He took Nicholas to today's game while I chomped chocolate and guess what, they won. On to playoff game #2 tomorrow at 7:30 where I'm already scheduled to be elsewhere, so Daddy "Good Luck Charm" will take him.
Time to put the boys to bed. Goodnight.

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