Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7th grade field trip

Last Friday, when the first group of 7th graders went to Leesylvania State Park, the temps were scorching. Yesterday was glorious.

Aside from the typical stuff you learn on a nature hike field trip, like this is poison ivy:

13 June 2011: 7th grade Leesylvania field trip

And tiny fish are cute:

13 June 2011: 7th grade Leesylvania field trip

I also ate lunch with these 7th grade kids and realized that my boys will most likely remain just as they are for years to come... only in a larger size. They make no sense, find humor in the strangest things, talk math, tell pointless and endless stories, and have imaginary snap fights (don't ask). They're good kids from what I can tell, at least the ones at my table, some of the others I wasn't so sure about, but man, they are just 9yo at heart.

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