Monday, June 6, 2011

Henderson 1 mile Fun Run

Yesterday morning bright and early (7:15 a.m.-on-a-Sunday-early) Jonathon and I were out the door walking to his first timed 1 mile run. The walk there was a good warm-up, the walk back was a good cool-down, and he got a participation medal to show for the run in the middle. Each child received a t-shirt, tell me again why each needed a medal too? Over 500 runners participated in the Fun Run and the 5K so there were vendors present. VA Runner had a booth, which reminds me that we'll need to get real running shoes for Rebecca for the Track team next year.

Something is missing from Jonathon's head. He came home from spending a night at grandma's house on Friday night without his hair. He looks just like his cousins with that fuzzy head (they are actually my cousins, but they are his age.)

I also took some video of the beginning and end of the race. Jonathon doesn't exactly have the proper stride for a long distance runner, does he? He's "unique."

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