Thursday, June 9, 2011

The end of the school year approacheth

I am so ready for the school year to be over. Remember my thing about year round schooling right? We're burnt out. And after SOLs and all the teaching-to-the-SOLs, it seems these last two weeks are pointless.

Besides the fact that my kids have in the past few weeks watched "Finding Nemo," "Wall-E," "Kung Fu Panda," "Coraline," "National Treasure," and others (and these are from the HS as well), let's take a look at the calendar, shall we?

Signet has already finished for the boys. They've each had their parties there.
Tomorrow (Friday) is Field Day for the boys, all morning until lunch time.
Monday has a day long field trip with Rebecca.
Tuesday is the 4th grade end-of-year picnic and 9th grade 1/2 day.
Wednesday is the 5th grade end-of-year picnic and 7th grade end-of-year carnival and 9th grade 1/2 day.
Thursday is 5th grade promotion and 9th grade 1/2 day.
Friday is the last day of school. Katherine gets out at 10, Rebecca at 11:35 and the boys at noonish.

Rebecca still has HW these last few days but the boys have nothing and Katherine has "studying" for finals.

I've sent in a change of course request for Katherine for next year, and am in the process of ordering 5th grade school supplies for Jonathon. Since I'm headed to Costco today anyway I'll check out what's available there as far as supplies.

The end of the school year is nearly here yet I'm already looking at what's needed for next year. Not cool. I need a break from this stuff too.

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