Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rethinking Weekends

Think about a weekend in the States.

Friday night is a fun night, if that's your thing, going out with co-workers perhaps for a Happy Hour.  Maybe you're just up for finishing out the work week with your feet up at home and some TV.

Saturday is sleeping in, errands, maybe a movie or some shopping.  Gardening, having friends over.  Going to the pool, checking out a fair or festival.

Sunday is typically church in the morning, perhaps a family dinner, maybe a movie at home, quiet time.  If you have kids you could be at the park for a soccer game or some other family activity.

Here, things roll a little differently and it's taking some time to adjust to.

Thursday night is dinner at the Embassy.  The kids swim or just run around with friends until we drag them home.  It makes for a very long work day for Ian since dinner is right after work.

Until now we've tried to do errands on Friday.  Friday is the holy day here and aside from grocery stores everything is closed in the morning, even to mid-afternoon, or all day long.  Until now we try and try to get things done and are thwarted at just about every turn.

We need to change our expectations of Friday.  We need to plan nothing and enjoy just sleeping in and hanging about the house on Friday.  This will take some getting used to.

Saturday is the day to run errands, have doctor appointments, and church at 5 p.m.   It's not the day of rest we had in America and it's weird.

So... Thursday night is not relaxing.  Friday is definitely relaxed.  And Saturday is busy busy with appointments, errands and church.

I think I've got it.

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