Friday, September 14, 2012

Still Safe

This map doesn't show it easily, but Jordan is still quiet.  Right in the middle, surrounded by all those blue pins, Jordan has seen protests but no violence.  Several additional gendermerie detachments guarded our Embassy yesterday and provided enough of a deterrent to the organized protesters to keep them small and at bay. For that we are ultimately grateful.

While the burning of an American flag may sting due to the symbolism within its stitches, it is essentially a piece of material.  One that can be replaced easily.  I will not mourn the burning of a flag when our people are safe.

At the same time we are devastated by the widespread threat to our citizens and the locally engaged staff standing by us across such a swath of the world.  This is no longer "Benghazi is burning" but also Cairo... Tunis... Khartoum...  Even the Consulate in quiet Chennai was attacked.

Stay safe friends and colleagues.

View Muslim Protests in a larger map

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