Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Returning to Normalcy, with an Eye on the Warden Messages

There's a warden network in every country where Americans reside, itt's a system for releasing news and warnings to our American citizens.  Earlier this week Ian stayed late in order to ensure that a warden message got out about a protest at Sports City.  Clearly, we don't want Americans traveling through or ending up at any area where there is expected trouble.

So with the understanding that things are not exactly normal, but they are calm, we transition back to daily routines.

Like trying to find one of these online:  It's a red, white, and black twin comforter for Nicholas's room.  He has this exact cover, but now has bunk beds and nothing on the top bunk.  It would be nice to get the matching cover, but I can't find it available anywhere.

I'm ordering this stuff from Amazon:  Some of the kids want Mac&Cheese, and individual boxes are expensive no matter where you buy them from.  At more than $1/box it makes sense to buy cheap pasta and make our own cheese sauce for it.  Of course I prefer real cheese sauce.  But we're talking about the kids here.

The house is basically together. The last few items of unneeded furniture (a rug, a chair, a lamp, an end table, a couple mirrors) have all been picked up.  Now we wait for the someone to come put up pictures.  I think this is the one task I really wish I could just do myself.  Art is so personal and I feel strange with other people handling it.  Unfortunately, our walls are concrete so it's not a matter of pounding a few nails in with a hammer, some of our pictures absolutely require a concrete drill bit which I'm pretty sure we don't own. Art on the wall will make this place truly feel like home, and I'm excited.


  1. Same here :) I am shopping today to replace outgrown school clothes (already). btw, I am trying to convert my family to real mac&cheese and we like this recipe ( My daughter loves to make it; we all like to eat it! And it is very flexible. We experiment with different pastas and cheeses too. Not sure if I will ever get them away from the box stuff though!

  2. That recipe looks great! I have tried SO MANY different kinds of homemade mac&cheese, and they always get mediocre reviews. The trouble is often that the cheese doesn't get creamy, and I won't do Velveeta.