Monday, October 6, 2014

Home project(s)

These are the lights our house came with.  Presumably, when the house was built, it had really cool fixtures, but when the U.S. Gov't leased it fun lights were deemed dangerous and removed and these very safe and very ugly replacement went in. Actually, I don't have much of a problem with them other than in a giant room we have 3 of these and they cast about as much light in a diameter as a bad flashlight.  Most of the newer houses here got to keep their cool lights and/or have track lighting and lovely architectural bits.  We have square blocks of rooms with just these.  Bleh.  Even mixing daylight and warm white bulbs still don't make the room inviting.

So to put up something lightweight and a touch more Not That, we got a shade from IKEA and finagled a way to put it up (don't ask) and now one of our living room lights looks like this.  It's not perfect, but it makes me smile. Unfortunately, it was expensive and Ian was not impressed with how much of a pain it was to put up, so it looks like it will be the only one gracing our home.  Even so, I like it.

The next project room is Rebecca's. In order to shame her into actually finishing up the cleaning portion of the project, here is her Before picture:

And at the end of Day 1... still a work in progress with marked improvement (and a trip to IKEA).

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