Saturday, March 28, 2015

Almost. She'll kill it next year.

Today was the third annual Triathlon.  Becca did the first one 2 years ago as part of a youth team, skipped last year, and went in again this year in the Novice Tri doing it all on her own.

But this round didn't go quite as planned.  All day yesterday she was nervous about the biking portion of the race.  Today, she was a little bolder than she should have been.

(warning: blood ahead)

Ready... (seriously speedo guys?)


Few minutes into the bike portion on a really bad hill.

Pre stitches

8 frankenstein stitches later

Iodined up

Still smiling!

She's said she's going to win it next year.   It's a beautiful place and a great race and a busted knee won't scare her off.

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