Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Parisian art is all over the map  #1  #2

Caesar's foot from the Tuilieres garden

Hercules' bottom in the Tuilieres garden

Also from the Tuilieres garden, and it looks like the baby is done for.

St. Michel fountain, around from our hotel.

At the Louvre, he looks SO pleased.

It was only after that I saw the "no photo" sign.

Why would someone commission this?

Or this? "Hi, I'd like a huge sculpture of a dog
chewing on a boar's ear.  Oh, and the boar should
look like it's enjoying it. Hakuna Matata!"

Who's more terrified? The bearded guy or the pet lion?

Oldest piece in the Louvre.  On loan from Jordan.

Who knew there was purple marble?

Oh right.  The Mona Lisa is at the Louvre too.

Great art in the Catacombs too.

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