Saturday, August 15, 2015

R&R Favorites

We spent our time this R&R in a small town called Strangford outside Belfast in Northern Ireland, in the 2nd city of Scotland aka Edinburgh, and in London. It was tough for us to choose favorites, but after much prodding the overall favorite was Edinburgh.  OK, not that hard, the Fringe Fest was awesome.

Favorite activity in Northern Ireland: River Bouldering.  I have no actual photos of the activity as we were in the water most of the time.  The link actually brings you to a program called "Coasteering" but the winds and water along the coast were too strong so instead we climbed up a rushing stream with boulders and swirling pools and overhanging rocks to jump from.  I highly recommend it, even with the really cold water.  Wet suits are a wonder.

Favorite activity in Edinburgh: City Dash.  It was an activity we had never heard of but saw people rushing around the Fringe with numbers on their backs.  On a whim, we signed up and over the course of an hour we tore around Edinburgh following clues that popped up on our phones, gathering points as we solved riddles and losing points as we were spotted by the spies posted on various streets.  We discovered that the city is made up of a lot of hills and corridors filled with stairs.

Favorite activity in London: Hint Hunt.  We split up and did the 2 Zen rooms.  If you've never done an escape room, please go find one near you and plunge in.  It's tons of fun.  This Directory should get you started.

We should do more fun stuff like this.

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  1. What a fun break! The city dash sounds like a great event to have walked into!!