Saturday, August 22, 2015

Send in the clowns.

Throughout our trip we saw numerous shows, from free events at the Fringe Fest in Edinburgh to very non-free events in London.

We didn't go to any circuses, so I'm not sure why I mentioned clowns.

First show at Fringe: A Cappella for Rebecca

Fringe: A high school production that was awesome.

Fringe: A 1000+ sold out venue.

Fringe: A GoT tale... not really... there was a Tardis
at one point and multiple mentions of Narnia.
This was, by far, the overall favorite show.

London: Two of the kids went to Vietnam this year, so...
The helicopter was amazing.  The ending, unacceptable.

London: Jonathon's favorite show.  Broke Becca's brain she says.
We did have one other show, a free improv called "Upstairs, Downtown" at the Fringe.  They took theme suggestions from a hat, and unfortunately the one one they pulled wasn't that great ("Mr.Branson becomes Prime Minister."  Our suggestions involved fallen souffles and a missing cow.).

The Fringe has grown to over 3000 performances in over 300 venues, happening all day, most of the night, and for the entire month of August.  The quiet town of Edinburgh swells with hundreds of thousands of visitors.  They have well-known actors and speakers and shows, and up-and-coming actors, speakers, and shows.  From comedy to classic to improv to dance to magic, for 18 and up, and 5 and under. Performers are on the streets, in alleys, under yurts, and in massive venues. To add to it, they have the Tattoo each night: military bands from all across the UK and the world that perform in a giant stadium set up just outside the Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Tattoo. Tell me what this looks like to you?
More on that in another blog post.
On one evening as we were walking about, we saw the British AF do a flyover, followed by fireworks.  We didn't have tickets and couldn't get them for any of the nights we were in town which was a huge disappointment. Next time.

The Fringe was our favorite part of our UK trip, which I guess came from being perpetually entertained.

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  1. It all sounds so awesome! And the helicopter was one of my favorite parts of Miss Saigon, too.