Saturday, October 31, 2015

Moscow - Bunker 42

Last Sunday we did an organized tour of Bunker 42.  Unlike Malinta Tunnel or even Churchill's War Rooms, there's really no sense of how people could work and live underground, but until recently, the bunker was still filled with dirt and mud and not much of the bunker can be traversed even today.  It is 18 stories underground, with one narrow staircase shared for both up and down.  That probably should have been in the brochure.  

We watched a rather propaganda-filled video on why the bunker was built in the 50s, then entered a room with models of various missiles and bombs.  Two lucky kids were partnered up at dummied consoles to count down, press buttons, and start WWIII.

Hey Russia... you kind of get the idea of a kitchy tourist destination, but you still need to work on it. Please study Disney Land. GatorLand. Or even South of the Border.

Look boys.... not a church!

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