Friday, October 30, 2015

Moscow - Required Photos

Jamal Sam finally got in a photo.

You are simply not allowed to go to Moscow and not visit Red Square.  It's in a rule book somewhere. And in Red Square, you are required to gaze admiringly up at St. Basil's cathedral.  That's in the rule book too.  The thing is, it's really worth admiring.  It's gorgeous. And Red Square is a huge open space that in the winter is filled with Christmas market and ice rink and a giant tree...  It's also where military parades are held, marked by the lines and points along the ground. As dark was falling, some of the buildings lit up and gave the square a lovely glow.

Another sign of my ignorance - I never grasped that the Kremlin and Red Square weren't the same thing. Yes, they are adjacent to each other, with the Kremlin wall forming one side of the square, but there's a distinct difference between the two.

Proof we were actually with the Donna crew.

Lenin's Tomb is not open all the time.
We tried to be appropriately sad.
C'mon Nicholas, play along!

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