Saturday, October 31, 2015

Moscow - Food!

I'm going to be honest - Krispy Kreme is the big
thing that made me stop, gape, and giggle with glee.
Thank you, Moscow, for not burning the Krispy Kreme.

Didn't eat, just liked the sign

Oh yeah... Starbucks.

Georgian food.  SO MUCH awesome Georgian food.

21 - a fast food place that wasn't.  A dozen ethnic food options
ordered at individual stations with general seating in the middle.
Fun, loud, and great food.  Various kids ate pizza, wings, humus, sushi...

Cinnabon.  We did not partake. I regret
passing on the sweetness and calories so much :(

Last night dinner, at Fresh - vegetarian? vegan? - complete
with a white gluhwein.
We were so well fed on this trip, it was ridiculous. The best meal by a smidge (as they were all great) was our very first lunch at a Georgian restaurant near the Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery.Truly, a great stop with foods that warmed and satiated.  It's remarkable how the food had Middle Eastern flair to it, but better.  The only drawback, and I have to mention it as I'm one of THOSE people, is the Georgian need to add cilantro.  Seriously Georgia, of all the herbs to add to your dishes, why cilantro?  But I'll forgive you, because the rest was amazing.

Right outside the Embassy was a little market (and 2 ice cream kiosks - why 2 ice cream kiosks in a city that has 9 months of dreary?) with fruits, vegetables, cheese, sweets, dried meats, a variety of honeys, and more.  We stopped there every day and by the end of our visit their fridge was so full of fruit I don't think there was room for anything else.

They're a crazy family, the Donna crew.  She makes fresh muffins for breakfast. She pops popcorn for an after school snack. He bakes cookies on a whim.  I want to be them when I grow up.

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