Sunday, June 19, 2016

Family Time

When we decided to come to Orlando, we came with the intention of doing the theme park thing - Universal or bust.

When we decided to come to Orlando for 2 weeks, we knew we'd also have plenty of time to relax, hang out, do nothing.

When we decided to come to Orlando right after living in Amman for 4 years, we figured we'd get the bulk of the too-loud, too-bright Americana out of the way.  The eating out, the kitschy activities, the shaking-of-the-heads at the enormous drinks and too-big portions.

Today we did the Escape Game on International Drive. They have 4 game rooms (Prison Break, Heist, Classified, Gold Rush) for 6-8 players (so if you come with a smaller group they'll join you with other players), though if you played Prison Break with 8 players I think someone would have actually gotten violent in the tight quarters.

And yes, we succeeded.

We beat the room with about 2 minutes to spare - yeah, we rock. There was a glitch with our game, so awesomely we've been comped another game on Wednesday.

Shake Shack - not bad.

And more minigolf. We had the park to ourselves and took our time.

To cool off, we visited Artegon. You're in Orlando? Visit Artegon. It's weird.  Indoors ropes course, upcoming NYC Zombie Experience (laser tag), a trampoline park, and Gods and Monsters geekorama.

A geek haven complete with gaming tables, and a cool bar.

All sorts of handcraft places - but cool ones like Hot Glass - and funky food options like drinks in pineapples.

And as we discovered when we got home and played some volleyball in the yard and Becca set down her pineapple on a chair and was a few steps too far away...

that Hidalgo seemed to enjoy Becca's pineapple.
Fun day. A little of this, a little of that, but the best part was being all together.

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