Saturday, June 18, 2016

HP part 2

We returned to Universal to take on the Transformers ride and then the big red rocket coaster.  Well, 4 of us did the coaster, the other two (me and Nicholas) went to Shrek next door. Nicholas and I now know never to go anywhere, though. We wait patiently at the end of big rides.

Amusement parks have come a long way to manage crowds and heat. We purchased cups that are refillable for free all day and then rechargeable for future visits. Long lines are kept under shade with fans, then moved inside with a/c.  Once inside the line continues for a long while, but with videos to watch or items to look at. A 45-minute wait goes by quickly as we steadily shuffle along.

Between Universal and Islands of Adventure at one end is City Walk and at the other is the Hogwarts Express.

On my bucket list is to take the real train up in Scotland - the Jacobite.

I think that the Hogsmeade/Hogwarts side beat out the Diagon Alley side.

The Universal castle is bigger than the model used (at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden) and smaller than the inspiration (Edinburgh Castle), and the tour/ride inside is pretty awesome.

We wandered through the rest of Islands of Adventure....

Everyone is on board for the Seusville carousel.

A rice krispy treat the size of her head.

Free refills all day!
...and decided to come back another day when we all had our swim gear with us for Islands' several water rides. What we may even do is split the day between Islands and Wet & Wild.  Who knows, we're crazy like that. Though I suppose we should have just taken on the water rides then because we were soaked anyway.

Here's where I forgot I was right behind them...

Soaked through.

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