Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We made it! We made it through the 92F, with a feel of 118F. We visited Diagon Alley where Jonathon got a wand, saw Animal Actors, Horror Makeup, took on aliens in MIB, rode through Gringotts, and some of us (not me) took on the Mummy, before linner at Bubba Gump's.

Love this crew!
This is Katherine being giddy and telling me
to hurry up.
Jonathon wore a sweatshirt and brought an umbrella.
One good move, one bad move.
So lifelike.  For fake creatures.

Fun sweets!
Better sweets!
Waving a wand at a window display to see
things happen = fun...

Invariably there is much waiting at any theme park.
We're ready to go back in a few days. It's awesome there are free lockers for various rides (checked in with a fingerprint), plenty of space to sit and cool off throughout the day, and a reasonable number of people at the park (until about 2 p.m.)

Tomorrow though... no Universal theme park. Stay tuned.

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