Tuesday, January 16, 2024


The Hockey Hall of Fame has been on our to do list for a while.  I remember a couple years back, way before the possibility of actually living in Toronto, we talked about taking a road trip up here to go to the church of all things hockey.  Yesterday on a U.S. holiday and when the temperature was a balmy 9ͦF we took the PATH and spent the afternoon gaping.

The museum is a bit of a maze and leans heavily on glass cases and info plaques, like any other museum. By the end I didn't really want to see another jersey or skate.  By far my favorite parts were how hockey has changed since it's inception - at least it's formal inception, they acknowledge that as long as iced lakes exist there have been people sliding around on them kicking a rock or ball past their friends.  The thought that goalies didn't have actual protective gear for decades is horrifying.  The realization that protecting their faces was the last part to be considered is baffling.

Representation matters.

These rings are enormous, while the earlier rings look 
like what Josten's creates for colleges.

"Hey, let's make a hockey league!"

I would never be a goalie.

The stuff of nightmares.  Why bother?

There are 2 Stanley Cups.  This is the permanent HHOF one.
The Presentation one periodically is at HHOF, and it leans a bit.

The Original cup.

On the whole, a worthwhile afternoon.  We'll go back with any kids who want to see it for themselves.

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