Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Hi. Hey there. It's 2024.

Two plus years after the last post, and we're back?  I need to update our tagline, obviously.

Oh, and hello from Toronto, Canada.

Since last we chatted in November 2021, we moved to Carlisle, PA for a year while Ian earned a Master's degree, planned to PCS to Haiti, and ended up in Canada just as winter settled in.  That's the long and short of it for us.  

A quick recap of the kids - Jonathon finished his time at Essex University, moved in with Becca in Atlanta, and works as a software programmer for an international company.  Becca worked several projects until the strike in 2023, then got married and found part-time work until the industry opens up and starts hiring again.  Nicholas finished four years with the Marine Corps and lives in Ohio while he plans his next steps.  Katherine works at a hospital in Maryland and is engaged while she takes classes towards an LPN.

There's no way to fill in the two-year gap, but Toronto is a quiet place to live in the grand scheme so here's to bringing some new life to this blog.

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