Thursday, February 13, 2003

Another Step Closer

We have car insurance! Next step is getting the release from the loan people so we can set up a pick-up time for the car to go to the port. We have landlord insurance! The sign goes up in the yard on Saturday and everyone cross your fingers that we get a renter starting in April. Still need to get personal property insurance.

Last week was Katherine's birthday and the festivities spread out over the week with a dinner out to Sakura (Japanese steak house where they cook at your table). A couple days later, grandma took her for an overnight to get new shoes, a haircut and to see a show at my old high school. It was Beauty and the Beast and a rather unique production. Then on Sunday we all went to grandma's house to celebrate both of their birthdays since Katherine was born on the 5th, just like my mom.

We were supposed to celebrate with her at school as well, but Friday turned out to be a snow day. And so was Monday! You know, the past 2 1/2 months I don't think that Katherine has had but one full week of school.

So, the little lesson on the Philippines that we were planning to do last week has been post-poned to tomorrow. Since it's also Valentine's Day, it's going to be a do-nothing day as far as work for those First Graders.

This afternoon we're putting together Katherine's valentines. We all made heart sugar cookies last week, so those along with some little chocolates from Paris (courtesy of grandpa) will be her valentines.

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