Friday, February 21, 2003

A Week Off of School

With the dump of snow came a full week off school for Katherine. Presidents Day was supposed to be a regular in school day, but even that didn't work out. So what have we done with ourselves, besides a lot of shovelling? We've had a family snowball fight. We've had a family pillow fight with little boys who're barely able to lift giant pillows, much less swing them at anyone. We've played family Hide-n-seek with the whole house fair game and daddy scaring the pants off kids when they found him. We've played Simon Says until Simon wanted to say "go take a nap!". We've played umpteen games of chess (Rebecca's getting pretty good, and Katherine is getting better and better). We've eaten a ton of popcorn and watched lots of movies. The kids have built a pathetic little snowman (with all this snow!) and they've discovered that rubbermaid storage box covers make great sleds. We've made great use of snow pants and snow boots that were regularly boxed up for ski trip use. We've ordered pizza.

All in all it hasn't been too bad. Fun, even :)

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