Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Blizzard Days

OK, it wasn't really a blizzard, but we got about a foot of snow and that was more than plenty. Katherine will be missing at least 3 days of school for it and even the fed gov't (meaning Ian) was often yesterday. Today the weather was downright warm, almost 40! We had a family snowball fight until Katherine couldn't move her fingers anymore. Nicholas has an excellent arm and aim for throwing snowballs, he got his target more of tne than not, and too often right in the face. Katherine cackled gleefully when she lobbed a huge snowball at mom, saying "That one looked just like Brazil!" Well, OK then! Nicholas and Rebecca both got smacked right in the face and were not pleased at all, bursting into tears but recovering quickly. Heck, even mom got some snow down the shirt and that was far from pleasant! Dad got a frozen ball in the ear and I can gather that it was rather painful. Was probably similar to when I went skiing recently, wiped out and got some snow lodged in my nostril. Chilly!

Now everyone is curled in the frigid basement under their cozy blankets, eating popcorn and watching "The Secret Garden" Maybe later we'll hit the mall just for a change of scenery, even though we did get up to Annandale and take my mom out to lunch for Chinese food. We all needed to get out, especially since their house is leaking. Goodness!

Anyhow, maybe the mall this afternoon once Jonathon wakes from his nap.

Cloth diapering is going really well. "They" say it saves money but I'm seeing the downfall already as there are SO many cute dipes out there and so many different styles that it's hard not to get one or more of each, just to try out *laugh* I'm telling myself that this is all an excellent investment for once we move to Manila, I won't have to even think about searching for disposables for his sensitive butt. Washing them hasn't even been a problem, but I think that's largely that he's so big now and only needs to be changed a few times a day. Starting CD with a newborn would be harsh. Not only are you exhausted and worn out already, but cloth dipes do take more steps than tossing out a disposable.

Jonathon's speech is doing really well. His newest word is "'NOW!" just like his big brother. He doesn't like snow other than to nibble on it, but he sure does like to watch it from inside. Other than snow, he says Up, Off (means on and off), Goo (shoe), Gock (sock), Hat, More (w/ sign), Eees (please w/ sign), Aho (thank you w/ sign), Down, Yesh (yes), Guck (yuck), Boon (balloon), Bath, Mama, Dada, Baba (Becca), Abaf (Katherine), Dihdis (Nicholas), 'Poon (spoon).

Watching him play Hide and Seek and Simon Says with the big kids is just hilarious. I ask the kids to jump up and down and he tries so hard, only making it up to his tip toes. One of the cutest things he does is when food comes to him or he's happily surprised about something is how he makes his mouth into a big O and says "oooooh". You've got to see it to understand.

Nicholas has started mixing sounds over the past month. Rather than Dada, he'll say Daddy. And his best insult is calling someone Baby Bear, just like daddy calls Becca. Still no one can understand him but us but he's stringing lots of words together and is such a card.

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