Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Where to Begin...

I could start with that it's snowing. But heck, at this point that's nothing new. We've added another 3 or 4 inches already, thank goodness it rained last weekend and that helped reduce the accumulation down to about 4-6 inches area wide. Anyhow, it's supposed to keep going and end up somewhere between 6-10 inches.

Katherine is out of school today. Probably tomorrow too. Again, this is nothing new. At least she can go outside and play with her siblings in this stuff, but man I'm getting tired of it. Who am I kidding, I was tired of snow after the first snowfall in the first week of December. Last year, our total accumulation was 3 inches. This year, it will be around 3 feet.

We're in the final stages of moving. Yesterday I called and set up cancel dates for the phone and trash pick-up. Change of address is going out to magazines and utilities. This is the nitty gritty junk. Ian is attempting to get our tickets printed for us, and we're just waiting for the release from the car financing people so we can shcedule the car pick-up. For the 21st, our final actual date in the house, we have a maid service scheduled to clean the kitchen and bathrooms, at the same time as a carpet cleaner and chimney sweep. Then we'll have the walk-through, and we'll wave good-bye to our home for 2 years.

We fly out March 24th, arriving in Manila on the 28th. Provided there's no war going on with the rebels in the Philippines.

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