Monday, April 19, 2004

The House That Fried Chicken Built

On Saturday we tried out Max's for lunch.

You'll see these periodically in malls or as stand-alone stores (there's one in Malate by the fountain). I'd always thought it was a fast food joint and wondered about the silverware and table cloths. It's more a mid-grade chicken joint.
Have you ever wondered what happens to those parts of the chicken that don't make it into a bucket of stateside KFC? They end up here in the Philippines. OK, that's not entirely true, but as Ian commented, we'll be so happy to have a break from hand-hacked chicken parts. So often, the chicken that comes in a bucket or basket is barely recognizable, but for the stubborn feathers that cling to the deep-fried skin. The fries were specialty house fries and we finally figured it out that they are baked sweet potato chunks. The ketchup, banana ketchup of course.
I have noticed that I'm getting used to the particular flavor Philippine chicken carries. The ketchup wasn't half bad either. And the shrimp basket was actually pretty tasty. I haven't determined if this is a good thing suggesting I'm acclimating or a sign we've been here too long.
Max's is a big wedding reception spot with or without the ceremony. It's a hopping joint but not one we'll be frequenting I don't think, even with the tantalizing soup in clay pots. They have a very limited menu, though the pitcher of Pepsi was way cool.
And as much as we'd joked about it... No, we didn't lick the walls.

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