Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Night Out at the CCP

Last night we ventured out with Laura and Ryan to the CCP to see "Maksim" in concert. The music was wonderful, though loud. It's like attending a rock concert but with the Flight of the Bumblebees as the opening and an intermediate portion of classical solos including Chopin's Nocturne. Ian's favorite is Croatian Rhapsody. Mine is Claudine.

In case you're wondering of whom I speak, Maksim is a 28 year old Croatian classical pianist (with a twist). He's currently touring Asia and you can buy his CD off Amazon. Along with most of the pieces off the CD, we heard a new one he recorded last month in London, which will be on the Olympic CD for then next Games.

He has 2 CDs out, "The Piano Player" and "Gestures". We own the first, and will be purchasing the second. I highly recommend you check him out.

Maksim Mrvica

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