Monday, April 26, 2004

You're saying to yourself "Boy this site is dull now!"

My apologies for how pathetic the site has become since before our trip to Hong Kong. Honestly, since then I have been knee-deep in websites, e-mail and reservation forms for our R&R trip to New Zealand.

Our plan is developing. We have our flights reserved on Singpore Air (still waiting for the new price list and hopefully it doesn't do anything to the flight schedule). I have made hotel reservations in Aukland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hanmer Springs, Sydney and Singapore. I have bought tickets on the InterIslander Ferry and the TranzCoastal train. I have put in my reservation request for the RV and rental car. I still need to set up reservations for a Maori dinner, caving, Hobbiton site tour, Hot air balloon ride, and night safari.

Everything is being printed and stored in a 3-ring binder filled with page protectors. This will double as a postcard and ticket stub holder as we fly through our journey.

All of this is for 7 people. Our family and my mom.

Ian says I have no spontenaity. I wonder why.

I'm really hoping all this legwork will result in a relatively stree-free seamless trip filled with wonderful memories for all of us. If nothing else, I know that next time... all-inclusive package, all the way.

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