Friday, April 16, 2004

Jonathon, all puffed up

It seems that the the reactions Jonathon has to mosquito and ant bites are getting more serious. I used to see large hot, red welts on his body where he'd be bitten or stung, but today after playing outside for a bit before going to preschool, portions of his face turned pick and swelled up, along with the bite spots on his arms. I took him directly to the clinic where it was determined that yes, he is extremely sensitive to bites and environmental irritants, like grass. He was given a dose of Benadryl, but when I picked him up after school the swelling hadn't gone down and there is a swollen part of his forehead, so I gave him a second dose. Now, after his nap, his face looks more normal, but the forehead swelling is still there. There is no obvious bite mark, and it's not pink.

Update: His face was actually all bitten up bu because of the swelling I couldn't tell. A couple days later and he looked normal again.

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