Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ah, summer vacation

Ian had to work Saturday morning. Once a month the NIV section has a catch-up dayand they schedule about 500 interviews for the morning, hoping to ease some of the backlog. This month was Ian's first time working Super Saturday and he completed 89 cases. Go Ian!

In the afternoon we went out, but really it was a quiet weekend. We did go swimming on Sunday and the boys were able to show dad how well they do. We chatted with Stephanie and Matt Meadows when they came with their son, Cavin. And then Deb and her husband (Peace Corps) and their daughter, Isabel, came. It was almost a party! Next week Laura and Ryan will be back too. I'm going to try to get to the pool every weekend, maybe we'll become more social.
This week, we're "playing school". Yesterday was cookie day. We read stories about cookies (_If you give a mouse a cookie_, _Milk and cookies_), made chocolate chip cookies, had the kids write recipes for their own cookies, set up a bakeshop/restaurant with our kitchen toys, and made up round-the-world stories about cookies.
Today is dogs/pets. We've read a story about owning puppies, and the kids have drawn pictures about their favorite pets, as well as made up an imaginary creature for a pet. They've written about their pictures. Later on we'll have a "pet shop" with all the stuffed animals and we'll do more round-the-world stories with animals.
I have no idea what tomorrow will be :) Maybe stars, desert, or something. We also have caterpillars, one has already gone into it's cocoon so we'll see what it turns out to be. We have 2 tadpoles left from the end of the school year when the teacher was emptying her class bug collection. One has had back legs forever but I don't know that it's going to progress anymore.
I've been doing a lot of writing but taking a break the past couple days. I still need to finish our travel journal from our trip. And I have a scrapbook waiting to be worked on but am holding out for some paper to print on. They mailed today though, so hopefully I'll have them next week. Until then, I have no excuse not to get the journal done :)
I'm trying to write more snailmail letters. That's hard though because while I know people like to get them, it's tough knowing I won't get any responses. But I've written 4 this week and want to keep it up. Our next post won't have a good internet connection and phone line, so I want to get back into the habit now.
It's summer vacation time.
I read recently that January 1st is the worst time to make resolutions. It's dreary, it's cold. No one feels like the resolutions they make will actually come to pass anyway, so they make ones that are far-fetched or extremely difficult to attain. Or there are great ideas, but who wants to start an exercise program in the middle of winter? The article suggested that spring on the cusp of summer was a better time. I completely agree. It's easy to become passionate about something new when you don't feel like spending the day curled up in a blanket reading a book. Springtime and you go outside, the fresh air invigorates and you feel able to take on any new task. That's the time to put your ideas into play. So here's my summer resolution. New Year's isn't going to go away but I'm going to take the beginning of the year to start thinking about new goals and gather any needed supplies. Around June, when the kids are home and the pressure is off from schedules and meetings, I can begin.
It's worth a shot, right?

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