Friday, July 9, 2004

Hmm, now that I've expounded on how it was to turn 30....

Want to know how the day went?

The morning began perfectly with a Happy Birthday from my husband and a wonderful gift. On the sly he had purchased a jade Koru pendant in New Zealand, something I'd been looking at but decided was too pricey. He didn't think so and he picked a lovely well-carved piece. I also had a call from my mom. I haven't asked her yet, but I'm curious to know. How does it feel to be the parent of a 30 year old?
The kids and I set out for Seafront to register them for swimming lessons. Nicholas decided on the way that he didn't want to join in. It was my fault. I told him that the lessons would be in the big pool and that he wouldn't be able to wear his floaties. -His- floaties. It turns out that there were training floats and once he sat on the sidelines and watched his siblings paddling around, he changed his mind.
Jonathon had a visit at the clinic and earned himself another round of amoxicillan. Since we've been back he's had a cold and it has progressed into another ear infection. That helps to explain why he's been having a hard time hearing me lately. After thinking on it bit more, I wonder if his ears never fully cleared up from the flight either. No wonder he's been such a crab.
I finally dropped off the stack of brochures and books from our trip to New Zealand at the CLO. Maybe our efforts to collect this stuff will encourage others to visit. I also dropped off a stack of old VHS movies at the Seafront library. We're slowly replacing our small collection with DVD versions. We also stopped at the Seafront playground for a bit before some playtime at home.
Then to make my life a little easier (it's so rough, isn't it?), we went to McDonald's for lunch. Jonathon had a dose of amoxi and sudafed earlier, and he was just feeling off. Barely touched food went cold as he layed on his chair, put his head in my lap and fell asleep. During the lunchtime rush at McDs. Definitely nap time.
Jonathon rested, I napped, the kids either watched TV or played on the computer until it was time to gather for the first swimming lesson. They did great and each had their own instructor for the hour. Katherine quickly graduated from her back float to using a kickboard and practicing strokes. Rebecca kept on her back float and did lap after lap learning to keep her legs straight. Jonathon started with a back float and torso float and soon shed the torso float as he figured out keeping his head up and paddling to move forward. Awesome progress for all 3 of them. Nicholas felt left out, but what can you do?
Ian had said not to make dinner, so we went back home and dressed up a touch to go out to dinner. Italiannis, one of my favorites. Complete with singing waiters. Blame Ian. The kids could barely eat their "make your own" pizzas and were too tired to help me finish my ice cream. It was bedtime and I can say that I had a wonderful, relaxing, content birthday.
I'm OK with being 30.

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